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Reply to "Cipro - long term side effects"


The only other time I ever had a wart, besides the massive breakout I described above in 2010, was a single large wart on the sole of my right foot which developed in 1995 after a vacation to Jamaica and lots of barefoot walking on beaches and wet surfaces. I was taking Cipro back then, but not a high dosage. This wart grew and became quite large and uncomfortable. I visited a podiatrist in Fairfield, CT, where I was living at the time. She initially tried freezing it with liquid nitrogen, which only seemed to superficially affect or impact the wart, which grew again with a vengeance. It actually got even bigger. She then told me that freezing it wasn't going to work, because it was too deeply entrenched and had too good of a blood supply. Actually hearing that it was drawing its own blood supply totally nauseated me.

She then used some powerful acid, which she applied over 2 visits as I recall. The acid was painful and burned. But it did kill that wart.

The only thing I can think of that the wart in 1995 on my foot had in common with the ones I had in my groin area in 2010, besides Cipro, were they all got fed moisture. The one in 1995 developed after walking around public beaches and swimming pools in Negril, Jamaica. The multiple warts I had in 2010 in my groin area, much like the fungal infection that men get called "Jock Itch", came on an area of the male body that can't be kept dry, especially in the summer months.

Anyway, they are mysterious, as far as how they can get big and look like a monster stuck on your body and then they are gone just like that. The ones in my groin area were treated easily with freezing, unlike the one on the right foot in 1995 which had to be killed with acid.

I suspect that antibiotics are causing your warts, but unlike me your immune system is fighting them off without treatment. Which is a good sign, but if they get big or uncomfortable, treat them aggressively as needed. And let a podiatrist or dermatologist do it, they seem to be good at it.

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