Reply to "can anyone interpret for me? waiting for the doc, but am anxious"

enhancement and thickening surrounding the surgical anastomosis
extending to the upper anal canal. Small amount of fluid along the
posterior pararectal space. Anastomotic leak cannot be excluded.

The above is the part that is what you focus on. The rest is mostly description of normal stuff and how the study was done. The bad news is that because you moved during the scan, it is not as good of an image as they would like (or your guts were in too much motion).

Basically, it looks like cuffitis and a fluid collection behind the pouch. They cannot determine if there is a leak or it is an old collection (prior leak, now sealed off). The posterior rectal space is what is also called presacral area, and a common place for a presacral abscess to form.

Hope that helps.

Jan Smiler
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