Reply to "Breastfeeding"

First off, so sorry and congratulations (so rate that we can say those 2 things in one sentence!)...what wonderful news!

Secondly, I have no personal experience with breastfeeding but I do have an opinion (on most everything lately)...Nothing is worth destroying your health or your pouch for...nothing is worth making you ill...if you are going to put your body, your pouch or your general health under stress that may lead to danger then please, don't...

You have been through need to be healthy and strong for your baby...

On the other hand, if you want to make yourself smoothies, blend healthy fruits and veggies and add some essential oils to the mix for a huge vitamin and mineral boost...then go can even add protein powder to the mix for a super wallop that won't plug your pouch or your guts up.

What is stopping you from trying while still in the hospital? The most important part is the 1st 3 days when your baby gets the you could try that and see how your body behaves with that.

If you can handle it then go slowly and alternate with a bottle to get your baby used to it quickly, just in case...if for any reason you don't feel up to it or that it has an adverse effect on your body then switch out.

Good luck no matter what you chose or can manage to do.


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