Reply to "Booked surgery for k-pouch"

Congratulations and welcome to a very select club...
You are experiencing growing pains and that is normal. Try to keep your diet to a gas-free one that gives you full nutrition without those nasty gas bubbles.
I stuck to chicken, fish, and lean meats plus pureed veggies but you might not want the mushed carrots for a while, they are hard to get rid of...
Drink your prune or grape juice after meals to keep things loose and flowing and add some hot green tea to your diet for extra "liquification".
I avoid all "white flour, rice, pasta, cakes and pastries" because they turned to wallpaper paste in my pouch but required lots of straining to get rid of...and for some reason I got my first blockage from a bagel and cream they are off of my list.
I did a lot of fruit smoothies with ice instead of risking chunks of fruit getting caught (if you buy the frozen fruit pieces and berries then you can loose the ice and add juice or water). They make good breakfasts and snacks but do not drink them with meals or you get gas calore...
Thanks for mentioning me to the nurses, they are fantastic and should be elevated to sainthood for everything that they do for us. Dr C too.
Keep posting as you progress and ask any questions that you like. No question is too small or stupid.
Hugs and loads of luck
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