BM during the night - Experiences

Hey everyone

After being a passive reader for quite some time, I decided it's time to join the community and take part of it. 

Long story short, I got my j-pouch some 40 days ago and have had my ups and down. To skip through my journey, I would simply like to hear whether j-pouchers can go through the night without going to the toilet. Or at least keep it at once a night and if so, after how long post-surgery? 

I tried imodium, which didn't seem to have an effect.
I tried husk once, which may have helped but it made the stool so consistent that it hurts (due to analfissure).
I tried going 5 hours without eating/drinking pror to going to bed and still I had to go 3-4 times. 
I'm staying away from caffeine, juices, fruits, veggies, nuts, chocolate.
Not suffering from pouchitis so let's get that cleared.

I would love to hear how people around here are doing and how they've progressed after their surgery.

Stay strong and focus on blessings. All the best. 

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