Reply to "Big, loud, noisy RANT"

While away we took the 3 last days and stayed in a nice big name hotel.

On the Sunday I went out for lunch with a girlfriend and her mom (90+yrs) who I have know for 45yrs...hubby called to say that he wasn't feeling well.

Cut to the chase....7 phone calls later and a mad drive across Tel Aviv praying to God & repeating that 'I am not ready, I am not ready to lose him'.

8 EMTs, 2 ambulances and the horrors of a hospital where you do not speak the languge and can't read the signs...(thank goodness for English...they mostly spoke it there)...he was fine.

Threw up about 7 days worth of food in the ambulance and flooded it to the point were we left a trail of vomit 4 miles long...opened the doors and the drives slid out covered in it (hubby too)...But he felt so much better.

No heart attack, just indigestion...the most expensive cross city visit that I have ever had!

Thus my sudden optimism...the fear of losing him so suddenly and unexpectedly and the relief of finally getting him back without any damage (but very smelly!)...

So, Happy New Year once again to one and not waste it because once it is gone, it is gone...


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