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Big, loud, noisy RANT

ok, so I have been catching up on a lot of the posts that I have missed over the last 2 weeks while visiting with the grand kids (10 mntsh & 3yrs) in a Middle Eastern country...

We traveled around from zoo to zoo (what else do you do with a 3yr old in the winter?) and play ground to play ground with often the least sanitary conditions to empty out a pouch that you have ever encountered....(those zoos do not consider the needs of humans as much as the animals)...

My valve is hooking, my stoma is bleeding and I had the time of my life.

Killed myself laughing while holding my grandson on the 'big people's toilets' and marveled at how simple and easy potty time is when you are 3 and have a sphincter!

Now for the rant.

So many of you are expressing fear of using 'outside toilets' (meaning outside your own homes and comfort zones)...because you have gas, make noise, toot a little, hoot a little or splash a lot.

So What?????

Haven't we suffered enough in our lives? Haven't we given enough? (our colons for example?)

So why are we so scared of farting in a public stall or making noise or a mess? Who are these all powerful judges seated next door (trust me...they are just as self conscious as you are and they have colons!) to you at the Walmart or mall that you are afraid of hurting their potty sensitivities? Give it up! Let'er rip! 

Life is too short (don't we all know it well?)...

My pain level is at an all-time high, my pouch is less than people-friendly at the moment and my time on this earth is less that guarenteed. (whose is?)

But I am out there...playing with a 3yr old, going down that darn slide, twirling him around and around (oh, my aching back!) and going to public potties without a thought for the neighbours. (if I can empty my pouch at my step-daughter's place where the toilet gives off onto the 100sqft livingroom and has no sink then you can poo anyplace too!)

So please all...let this year's resolution be to get out there and not allow our pouches or bags or butts or gas to live our lives for us.

Happy 2016 all



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