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Re: Butt Burn - when things are too acidic for me I start getting this.  When I am under stress I get this. When I eat hot foods...I get this. If I wipe too hard or strain... dehydration does this to me too. And alcohol... OMG gives me crazy acidic liquid.

If the liquid is acidic, then I change my diet up, drink bone broth with salt, take 3 probiotics 3 times a day, bland out my diet and lower my stress levels intentionally.

If the butt is burning on its own or because of the liquid then I use a cream called Analpram HC.  For me this is the only thing that heals it.  I then use the cotton in between my butt cheeks to let sweaty things dry out.   I do not use ANY over the counter wipes as they make my skin worse in a crazy way.  Many things that people can usually use like Bag Balm make it to get inflamed. 

I just got a bidet about 3 months ago, and I do like it.  Kinder than wiping but if I have a sore that it healing it's too strong for it. I find that it can cause some issues with flora. 

Only use Charmin extra soft with gentle dabbing action when using TP.   I am curious about anal moisturizing what a great idea!. Researching this. 



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