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Reply to "Being gay with a j-pouch"

Miguelito posted:

Anyone dealt or currently dealing with acid and what many call butt burn? I have a j pouch & lately I’ve been battling with the discharging of acid and boy does it hurt/burns, any suggestions for treatment and also foods/liquids I should stay away from? Any recipes that I could try as well? I’ve been doing my best to filter through the do’s and donts. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

Hey, buddy. After taking advice from this forum and others, I elected to have an ileorectal anastamosis operation rather than the J-pouch.

But since I only have a rectum's length of my colon left, my stools are high in digestive enzymes just like J-pouch people and I do get the "butt burn" if I don't manage it.

What I've found works is to wipe my butt with "Sensitive Skin" baby wipes, with aloe and lotion elements, after I have wiped with regular toilet paper. If I go one or two bowel movements without cleaning myself this way, I start to get the burn. So I always keep a large supply of baby wipes by my home toilet and the toilet at work. It's less practical when traveling out and about, but as long as I clean myself the majority of times, my skin stays healthy and comfortable.

Another thing I've learned to do is moisturize for a few hours a day (usually overnight) with a silicone-based scar cream called DNA Renewal. The baby wipes and frequent bowel movements can really dry out the skin of the anus and cause peeling/chafing. Neither conventional lotion moisturizer nor oil-based ointments like Neosporin help — they just evaporate and cause more severe peeling and scarring.

But the scar cream prevents dehydration and alleviates butt burn. It keeps the skin of my anus and butt crack as healthy and normal as it was before surgery.

Here's the link, in case you're interested. It's expensive, but worth it for keeping me as normal as possible.

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