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Reply to "Any moms who birthed age 40 or up?"

I am so happy that you did not give up but are trying alternate

medical professionals to help you...sometimes they work and sometimes they don't...But we never regret giving our all (talk to me once you have a couple of surly teenagers laying on your sofa texting and spilling may just wonder if it was all worth it!! )

I know so many who tried and failed and tried again until they either succeeded or gave up on carrying a child and gave in to other methods of being a parent.

I raised my grandkids (the first two)...every weekend for the first 10yrs of their lives, from Friday night to Sunday most weekends and holidays...if I couldn't 'mother' than I could 'grandmother'...did I miss out on some stuff? Yes, but not all of it...

My niece is pregnant with number 2...she is over 40...number 1 is just a year old...she may go for a third if she can...Both are beautiful and healthy!

Is it harder? For some, yes..for others it is easier because of having more financial security and stability. More mental stability and experience too...

You have what it takes...a desire and a dream and a supportive hubby.

I wish you all of the luck in the world.




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