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Reply to "Any moms who birthed age 40 or up?"

Hi Lina, 

Can I please get royally pissed off at your doctor????

What kind of fool is he or she? Making you feel bad because you want to have a baby? You are not 65 and trying to break the Guinness book of world's records you are trying to be a mom.

I am near 60 and tried hard my whole life to become a mom. My disease(s) and my underlying health along with all of my surgeries pretty much made sure that that did not happen (I did try, lose, try again and again with and without medical assistance) but I found my own way to become a 'mother' my case God-mother and Grandmother (hubby had 2 older daughters) I got to be a psudo-mom...not the same but as close as I ever got. Do I regret not trying harder, Yes...but I also know that I had a lot of underlying hereditary diseases that I could have transmitted and did not wish to do that to a child (I had suffered enough).

But I support any woman who tries. 

My 2 best friends here in Paris had their babies at 44+. 

The first one tried IVF for 10yrs, giving her all, losing so many babies and starting again. After her 10th attempt, the government health systems said stop, she was too old and they wouldn't 'support the effort' any longer. 

Thankfully her husband pulled out a checkbook and paid out of pocket for 'last-ditch' effort. My Goddaughter is now 13.

The second never wanted kids, at least never felt the need. Until she fell in love for the first time at 44. They met, moved in together and she stopped the pill without any confidence whatsoever that it could or would happen. She got pregnant the following month. My Godson is now 21.

They were both fantastic moms, have very healthy and happy kids and do not regret it for a second. 

By the way, I have a 3rd girlfriend here. She is my French brother's girlfriend. They got together when she was into her 40's...he wanted another child, she was lukewarm about it but wanted him. She did one cycle of shots (3 months) and gave up...too much effort, too much trouble, too many side-effects.

15yrs later she keeps saying how she could have had a teenage son by now if only she had toughed it out.

We often regret the things that we did not do much more than those that we did do.

Good luck



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