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Antibiotic Course (Days) for Chronic Pouchitis

Hi all. Was wondering what some of your experiences are related to long-term antibiotics - particularly whether you do a "short course"?  "long course"? or steady daily sustained course? 

I was on daily sustained for years/months stretch but new GI is suggesting maybe better to see if I can do a course and then go off for a while.

I typically see instant improvement (same day) after starting antibiotic. Does anyone do just a day or two? or do 3-5 day course? or do most people do full 1 or 2 week course? or just stay on indefinitely?

Curious about experiences of others ?

Thanks for input ! ... -Mike

~10 years with pouch - abscesses/fistula, cuffitis, chronic pouchitis / currently on Humira, Canasa, antibiotic and VSL3


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