Another Small Bowel Obstruction

Hey everyone, I welcome all advice on this....


Today, I was in hospital all day with a small bowel obstruction. Luckily I was released today without having to get a NG tube.  I kept having small BMs in the ER and I kept walking around the ER to get my bowels moving, which I guess worked.


April 2014 I had adhesion removal by a surgeon here at Beth Israel in Boston to help prevent future obstructions. This is my first one since that adhesion removal surgery.

Question: Would you stay the course if you were me? I've had a j-pouch since the year 2000.  I've had about 5 obstructions and hospital visits over those years.


If obstructions keep happening, which usually results in NG tube in the hospital for couple of days or even more adhesion removal surgery, what would you do?


If you were in my position, would you consider BCIR, Kpouch or Ileo ?


It seem sometimes I get severe IBS symptoms, which makes my stomach bloat severely, then that leads to an obstruction sometimes.


I welcome all advice....I'm feeling depressed, but grateful I got to come home today.


thanks, Tyler

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