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Reply to "Another "is it" question and antibiotics"

Hi Lu31

When I have pouchitis I seem to go to the washroom a lot.  And I end up having very runny stools.

From my experience when I get cramping and can't go to the washroom as well as normal or only a little comes out I feel like I'm blocked. I will take an enzyme to help digest the foods in my system at that time.  Also when I'm having a bigger meal or something greasy I will take an enzyme prior to eating which will help digest my food and give me less cramping and no issues with going to the washroom.

I also had my gallbladder taken out and I find as I get older maybe because my gallbladder is not in or maybe because of age there are less enzymes in our stomachs to help digest our food.

The enzyme was recommended to me by an osteopath doctor. It is called super enzymes and it is made by NOW.

I hope this helps.

Lots of luck


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