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Reply to "Am I really ready for J-pouch surgery?"

It is good to be skeptical when making this huge decision. I had conscious sedation over 14 years and saw my colon sick and then bounce back. I knew what it looked like inside. During my last test I saw that part of my colon was BLACK and dead inside. The rest of it didn't look well either and my GI took around 30 biopsies. I didn't have any polyps, just one ugly mess of a colon. I'd been in the flare from hell for 6 months.

My GI set up for a CTscan 2 days later. When I had my follow up appointment, to evaluate all, he suggested prednisone or biologics. I said no. If I was 24 instead of 54 I might have tried them in hopes of a cure coming, but at 54 I was tire of waiting.

I wish I'd had the surgery years ago. I'm having problems with my J-Pouch 19 months later but would still make the same decision. The big majority of people having the operation are doing great and they usually do not use support groups like this one. Someone has to be in the 10 in 100 that have problems, percentages vary, I'm using this %age for illustrative purposes only. I just happened to be one of the 10.

My GI took a deep breath and said when he brings surgery up patients don't accept it very well. He was glad I'd done my research.

We are all different and are here to give you any support we can. I'd read a book on prednisone and researched Remicaide. If you have any doubts I suggest you do the same.

Take care and please keep us posted.
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