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Reply to "Am I really ready for J-pouch surgery?"

Disneynut- NOW THAT IS TOOOOOO FUNNY! Unbelievable ;o) The bathroom on my floor only has 3 stalls (sp?) and it serves the entire floor PLUS if conferences are going on the in the conference room they use it too! If I have to run upstairs a floor.... I won't make it. Thank God I've always lucked out over all these years.

ke353 & Dogday - I'm so sorry you guys didn't have a choice. I do feel better knowing that I've tried all medications and supplements that my GI instructed me to try. I am truly sorry that they stopped working and some didn't work at all. Remicade is out of the question for me as well as the fecal enemas and worms. That's where I draw the line. But yes, I have a choice.
Dogday- I'm sorry that your pouch surgery is so bad. I wish you well. I have no clue about these things, but is it something you can maybe have re-done now by a surgeon who may know the surgery better than yours did way back then?

mgmt10- LOL LOL yes, I have to agree with you... fecal transplant just isn't going to happen. I just don't think I could eat worms either!! Both of those are as bad as having chemicals injected/infused into my system.

"Crohn's can be suspected but not confirmed."
Are you referring to only your case/issue or are you saying that doctors can't diagnose Crohns period?? I had a friend back in college whom I could've sworn told me he was diagnosed with Crohns. I thought that if it could be properly diagnosed, the doctors could do a proper treatment and/or surgery for it.
I did read on one of these forums that someone was misdiagnosed as having UC when it was actually Crohns and it caused problems with her pouch after surgery was done. But, like I said, I don't know much about Crohns. I'm so glad that you are fine with the antibiotics for the pouchitis.
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