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Reply to "Am I really ready for J-pouch surgery?"


I agree with Marianne. I had UC for over 8 years and like you, I would feel good for a small period of time, but then unbearable. I couldn't stand it As time went on, my symptoms got worse and worse. I couldn't hold it in either. There were many times just driving home from work, I had a problem trying to hold it in before I got home. I would go just before I left work, drive for about 20 minutes or so, then would have to stop at a gas station or a restaurant just to use the bathroom. I am surprised I was lucky enough to hold it in before I got there.

For the last 6 months, my surgeon tried to tell me that surgery would be my best option. But I was afraid. So he sent me to a GI who scoped me and said that I would have to be hospitalized for at least a month on a high dose of Prednisone (and I hated that drug) and other drugs. I said will that cure it? He said no, but it MAY put it into remission for a period of time. So when I got home, I took stock into my life and told myself that going to the hospital with all these drugs will just delay the Inevitable.

So I called my surgeon to schedule my 1st surgery. After going through pre-testing, and being now psyched to get this over and one with, my surgeon called me to delay the surgery which really ticked me off as I didn't want to wait any longer but the reason he told me that is because I had lost so much blood, I would require a blood transfusion of 2 pints, that is how sick I was.

That being said, Marianne is right when she said you should be as healthy as you can going into this surgery. I wasn't. I was a very sick person and my recovery was longer. I do get my flare ups with Pouchitis which seem to take a long time to get under control, but it was better then going through the time period when my UC was out of control.

Its your decision to make, but I would ask myself a question, "Do I enjoy living my life the way it is with my UC out of control?" "How is my quality of life?" For me, the answer was the same. "NO!"

Being scared is normal and it is a big decision to make. I pray that you are guided by God to make the decision you need.

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