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Reply to "Advice on pouchoscopy results?"


Sorry you had a disappointing scope. I've been there and was so upset I was and still am worried this is not going to work in the long run.

The friability is "moderate" and the ulcer is 8Mm. I think that means the ulcer is tiny and there is not much friability. What does that mean? I saw that word in my pre surgery colonoscopy but it was also with other bad words and none of them were moderate. So I hope your surgeon or GI can explain that better.

After all of this has sunk in you have more questions so please ask for a better explanation.

My GI sent me to a specialized GI at Mayo because of my cuffitis that has not gone away. I've been treated for it since January and probably had it for months before that.

My biopsies Pathology reports state that I have "colonic mucosa intense acute and chronic inflammation with ulceration. Occasional crypt abcesses are present. The intensity of the inflammation suggests recurrent ulcerative colitis rather than pouchitis."

He said I have Irritable Pouch and my pouch dysfunction is multifactorial including the above and my thyroid is way out of wack. He put me on canasa again and gave me a 6 month prescription. He said after it gets better I should slowly taper and that some of his patients use it every other night or twice a week for maintenance.

I still have UC!!! They call it cuffitis but it is UC.

See how lousy all of these reports sound. Acute and Chronic, crypt abscesses - great I have permanent UC STILL and I have IPS. Will I ever get off of pain meds?

You feel better so I'm hopeful that you will continue to get better. The rectal meds appear to be working on your cuff and maybe they will on the ulcer. I think you should ask if they will treat the ulcer too. Is it so small that it's going to go away or is there a possibility of it getting larger? I wonder if you need to rotate to a different antibiotic like DJBHusky does.

I am glad you are feeling better and think everything is probably ok and the words used cause worry.

Take care
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