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Hi to all my name is Borislav Ivanov

Nice to meet you

I am at age 25 old year

Diagnosed with Famillial Polyposys

First Operation at 31 may 2016

Second ileostomy(Total colectomy + ileonal pouch with jpouch resovoir) recovery (closing ileostomy) 19.01.17 is was the date of closing my ileostomy when i go to bad to sleep my intestine make sounds its normally and makes gas in the instine no in my ass is normally and make sounds in my instine no out

and this is normally when go to sleep i go to wc very often at night six or seven per night
and when going to sleep at night is going very strong to burn me my ass and itches.

I have itches burnings at all of day what to make the doctors dont give me cream what to buy? can help me please

and how much time need to recovery to go normally how months is needed i go 15 -20 times per day

one month(january was the operate at is one month now and i go 20 times per day like the first time of operation its willl be going better or its wrong anything with me )

i make two months at 31 march and

have lot of gas sounds in instine and when eat its make sounds and when going to sleep is very active the sounds and gas in my stomach instine

going to wc at 16 per time 6 times at night and 10 about the day its normally

how need time to recovery and diseppear all of this problem to be takedown?

and when go to sleep the itches become strong 

 and now i have sounds in stomach instine is normally all of this only two mounths past after reversal lot of gas and sounds in stomach(instine) when is going all normal? or its will be forever will be struggling my stomach instine and make sounds gas? in stomach instine or will be takedown all problems 

 two mounths only past after closing stoma and i can hold only 1 hour and 30 minutes is good or not for this time about recovery?

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