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Reply to "Abdominal Pain - Possibly from Adhesions"

Wee sylv posted:


Hi, I know it was as months ago you first posted about abdo pain/ adhesions. However I am currently going through a very similar experience and would value an update from you- how are you doing now, did you get a definitive diagnosis, have you had successful treatment? 

Ive suffered from chronic adhesion pain for over 12 yrs (colectomy 17 yrs ago) in June this year I suddenly developed acute, agonising lower abdomens pain requiring hospital inpatient treatment for pain. All blood work was normal, as was X-ray and CT scan. I was discharged after 5 days as pain had decreased.

then 3 weeks ago the same thing happened- I went to work in the morning- still don’t know how I managed (I do office work though so not strenuous) I had a GP appointment at noon, my GP took my vitals and found blood pressure very low and temperature slightly high.given my history she called our local hospital who advised I should visit them. This time I was hospitalised for 9 days.had I out from the pain team who put me on a Ketamine infusion as my normal OxyContin and morphine were not helping. I pushed to try oral Ketamine so I could return home, this was sanctioned however I cannot as only given 1 weeks worth as apparently prolonged use can cause serious bladder issues. So now I’m at home, taking quadruple the dosage of usual pain meds (OxyContin modified release and immediate release) Buscopan. I can barely function and am stuck in house as cannot drive or work. I’m waiting on an “urgent” appointment to see pain specialist. I’m in the UK so at the mercy of NHS waiting lists. However every single member of nursing staff/ doctors have been wonderful.

The “diagnosis “ if you call it that is acute adhesion also pain, nerve pain/ damage/ pelvic prolapse (although CT was normal) all bloods within normal values also) this makes me feel like it’s “ all in my head”” although 1 of the hospital doctors was quick to point out that if it was as psychosomatic I wouldn’t be able to converse so clearly with him while on such a high dose of OxyContin and Ketamine- he said I was remarkable for still being “compose mentos” despite the dose I was given. I’m at my wits end. Hoping against hope that someone else in this fabulous community can reach out to me with possible answers.

apologies for rambling on, it’s 2.20am and I cannot sleep - Ive been searching the web in and off for days looking for answers.

wishing everyone on this forum the very best and hopefully we all get the answers/ help we require/ desire. 

Much love and very best wishes xxx

It sounds like you need to have adhesion removal surgery.  I do believe that physical therapy like they do at clear passage makes a huge difference as well.  I had my last adhesion surgery in December of last year and then in May had the Clear Passage therapy done.  I was taught how to do some of the therapy on myself and try to do it often to keep the adhesions from causing problems and keeping them loosened up...if that makes sense.    I am currently trying to find a physical therapist closer to me that does internal scar tissue therapy because it does really help.  Do some research on it and talk to your doctors about considering prescribing this therapy for you.  Good luck and I hope you get some relief soon.   Blockages are miserable and scary and so very painful.  I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.  Hang in there!  and know that I pray for you and all of the folks on this page!

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