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Reply to "Abdominal Pain - Possibly from Adhesions"

Marj posted:

Disney mom

It sounds like your surgeon has a good idea to try to stretch the area where you seem to get blockages. My G.I. ,not the surgeon,,thought that that my blockages could be opened up at the time of the  blockage  by using a scope like a scope used during pouchscopes No one has been willing to  try this.

My Emergency visits always seem to happen late at night and I am never seen by a GI or surgeon just the ER doctor and usually just a nurse practitioner. My CT scans always seem to show the problem area is at the anastomosis (or where the small bowel joins the pouch. ) It sounds like that is where you have your blockages. If this procedure  would work for you it would be so much better than the n/g tube etc. and certainly better than the problems associated with surgery. My j pouch was done in 1998 and I have had approx 20 hospitalizations for blockages and 2 laproscopy surgeries. I hope you have success with this treatment. Would you mind sharing the name of this doctor or the state where he works. Hopefully someone will come up with better treatments for bowel obstructions than they have now. GOOD LUCK and please post what I hope is good news






Marj, I hope your Dr is able to figure out what could work for you.  The surgeon who did this pouchoscopy said he could not get the scope through the narrow portion so I guess mine could not be stretched that way, but maybe the balloon would work?  I guess we will see and I will report back. 

I am in the Richmond, VA area, and I go to Colon Rectal Specialists.  The Dr. who did my recent scope is Dr. Charron.  He seems very good, as far as I can tell, having just met him. My original surgeon who did my pouch in 2000 was Dr. Sean O’Donavan and he was great, but he has retired.  


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