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Reply to "Abdominal Pain - Possibly from Adhesions"

This thread is helpful.  It sounds just like my experience.

I have had my j pouch for 19 years now, with no problems with it till last week.

That's when the abdominal pains, then later vomiting, started.  It got better until Thursday, when the painful cramps started again.  That was a holiday, with family and food, and events, so I just powered through, not wanting to upset everyone, and figuring it would go away.  That night was so painful, I decided to call my DR. the next morning.

Office was closed for the Holiday weekend, so I went to a walk- in urgent care.  They took blood and did an x ray, which showed either "fluid filled bowel loops" or a "mass" in my abdomen. They said to go to the ER for a scan to determine what the "mass" is.  

In the ER, I had to get an IV and more blood drawn.  (By the way-is finding a vein as terribly difficult for everyone here as it is for me?  Mine have still not recovered from all of the needles involved with my original hospitalizations.)  

My CT shows no blockages.  There are some adhesions, but not in the area of where my pain is. So the ER doctor basically tells me I'm just constipated, I need more fiber, and suggests a laxative.  She sends me home with a prescription for Bentyl, to calm the cramps.  Now I feel silly explaining to waiting family members that I caused all of this drama over constipation.

That night I was even worse, vomiting horribly, and not able to "go".   Stomach swollen and tender.  

Finally, yesterday morning, I was able to "go" -  what a relief!  And it was not at all firm, not what I would expect if this were just constipation.   In fact it was very fluid.  Something was clearly blocking the path, because once it cleared, I was cleaned out very quickly.  This is gross, but I lost 5 lbs between the day before yesterday and yesterday.

I am going to see a different Colon/Rectal surgeon, as mine is now retired.  I'll see what he says,  but I'm really worried that this may occur again.  I haven't started eating normally yet.

I just can't figure out why all of a sudden after 19 years, this is happening now.  



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