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Reply to "Abdominal Pain - Possibly from Adhesions"

Haven't posted in a long time, just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and say that I am going through something similar as well.  

First surgery was over 30 years ago when I was 14.  After s-pouch revision in 2002, Ive had approximately 6 full obstructions lasting 12-24 excruciating hours that all resolved without surgery, and a steady increase in partial obstructions (from a few per year to presently a few per month) leading me to this thread today.

I would like to give my thanks for the clear passage info.  I may consider it.  Also enzymes as someone suggested is potentially a good idea for experimentation.  I am also interested in laproscopic options but have not gone down that road yet or heard much from others about it.

In case it might resonate with anyone, I can offer my 2 cents about obstructive symotoms and antibiotics.  While they may help with pouchitis and other symptoms, I am convinced that (for me personally) antibiotics have been a contributing factor to adhesion related obstruction.   Before giving them up 4 years ago, I'd taken them on and off for decades, and slowly was able to deduce a correlation.  If your # of bm's are reduced on antibiotics, then it just may be for someone with adhesions, the likelihood of obstruction may increase without enough bacteria in there doing what they do.  I am only speaking from my personal experience and what I believe to be true for myself. Obviously these things are very subjective, but it feels worth sharing anecdotally because there's very likely never been any studies on this, and your GI is likely to never  consider the possibility when prescribing (I could be wrong though, just my impression).

I am single and live alone and work full time.   I just keep adapting as best I can.  I can't eat normal sized meals any more without paying for it and try my best to restrict meal size.  Very difficult if you have done something taxing or athletic and your body is telling you to eat.  Just gotta do whatever it takes.  I'm also a big proponent of the low fodmap diet. 

Lately I've been having having chronic mild to moderate pain mid-abdomen and mild partial obstructive symptoms lasting for two continuous weeks.  This is new to me.  I'm worried it may become more serious in terms of obstruction, but for now, holding steady and hoping I can deal with it.

After many surgeries, procedures, exams, and consultations, I've learned that simple mindfulness (paying attention to my body) has probably been the most effective form of treatment available to me.  Obviously that's only going to get you so far and sometimes/ultimately it's out of our hands. I would never wait too long to seek medical help or emergency medicine when it is needed.  

Stay strong everybody!  Wishing you peace when you need it most!  And how 'bout a nice long run of good luck?  I think we deserve one of those too!

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