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Reply to "5 mos post take down surgery and have severe anal pain"

Calligirl, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.

Raj, a few months?  I wish it had been only a few months for me.  But you're right, this is not an overnight fix.

Calli, I was commonly on the toilet 15 times or more a day for about 9 months.  4 or 5 months in, I was seriously thinking about going back to an end ostomy.

At best, this is going to take time.  My take down was in April.  God gave me a late Christmas present the following December.  Practically overnight, my BMs cut by half.  No change in diet.  No change in meds.  It was like my J pouch had that Ah Ha! This is how I'm supposed to do this! moment.  Things just started working as they should.

At work, I ran into my surgeon a year or so later.  I told him about it, and he told me that sometimes it just takes time for the J pouch to "Wake up".  His words, not mine.

Diet plays a very important role for me.  I was up two or three times last night because of what I ate for dinner.  Keep a food diary and see what works for you.  There is a price to be paid if I eat meatloaf and au gratin potatoes.  I just keep refining my diet.  Maybe meatloaf and mashed potatoes will work?

Strange is on target too about cleanliness.  I learned that lesson long before the J pouch.  I used to sit in an ambulance for 11 hours of my 12 hour shift.  I had to keep wipes with me everyday.

There are digestive enzymes at work all through the intestinal track.  They are still present and active in stool coming out of a healthy colon.  That's why babies get diaper rash.  The enzymes in their poop is literally digesting the skin on their little bottom.

I used a little battery powered bidet for about a year.  It really helped keep down the irritation both from wiping and by getting rid of all the residue...

Praying you find your way to get this dialed in soon.

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