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Reply to "5 mos post take down surgery and have severe anal pain"

CALLIGIRL..... is the burning sensation and pain kinda within the back passage rather than around the external skin ?

If so, although this sounds a little uncomfortable, but in such circumstances, we'll do anything to ease the discomfort; try inserting a finger wrapped within a pure non scented wet wipe until the wet wipe comes out clean, remember to always wrap a clean area of the wet wipe around your finger before each insertion.

 You may have anal fissures which can be agonising, especially during BMs.

By inserting a wet wipe in such a manner, it helps clean the area we otherwise wouldn't.

I've also found that applying ilex Protectant Paste to the inside of the anal sphincter makes all the difference.

Technically, ilex Paste is for External Use Only, which is clearly stated on the packaging, although, I've been applying it, as I've described every so often for nearly 5 years and without adverse effects.

It's possible to aquire sample sachets or a tube direct from ilex but probably quicker for yourself if you can ask your Stoma or Pouch Nurse from the Hospital that's treating you; my Stoma Nurse was still visiting for at least 8 months after my takedown.

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