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Reply to "1st time blockage"

@nikiki posted:

Hi MikeEJ34,

So sorry to read about your Dad.  I’d get recommendations from the jpouch doc re/ foods to eat based on what they found to be causing the issues. Did they find an obstruction? Or possibly the medical team is making a logical assumption based on symptoms?

Best of luck to him in his healing. 

Hey! Thanks for your reply! Based on CT scans and symptoms they believe there’s no true small bowel obstruction and has had him on an all liquid diet. They believe his appetite will return sooner than later, as right now he doesn’t have much desire to eat at all.

At one point he was VERY nauseas and wanted to throw up (that combined with “10 out of 10” stomach cramps landed us in the ER. However, since going to the liquid diet, he’s been ok.

I’ll certainly get a list of foods they believe he should be eating now and will get their feedback on which foods to eat in the near future.

Thanks again!


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