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Honors and Memorials

The J-Pouch Group is proud to present "The Honors Page". Here you can pay tribute to family, friends, a doctor or health care worker, anyone special who you would like to honor with a donation to the J-Pouch Group. A Donation to the J-Pouch Group has been made

By David Cherry

In Honor of
Holly and Chris Wasylyk

For all the care and kindness they share with others

By Holly

In Honor of
Ludachris (Chris).

I am thankful for the support I have received from everyone here.

By a grateful friend

In Honor of

For being a huge supporter to all that roam the boards and enter the chat room.

By a grateful friend

In Honor of
Dave Hirschhorn.

For your compassion, wisdom and humor.  You bring peace and inspiration to many!

God Bless!

By Tim's family and friends

In Honor of
Tim Liello

Gotcha!  Happy 1 year with your J-Pouch!  This is only the beginning of your new life colitis-free.   We are so proud of how far you have come.  We love you!

By Tracey

In Honor of
Judy Exxware

For understanding and supporting in a way that family and other friends couldn't...Thank you!

By Darren S. Cecchini

In Honor of
My wife

who was by my side every moment. To my family & friends who encouraged me and helped me to see the future.
Finally, to my j-pouch friends who continue to give me their support. Only we can understand

By Dawn McClelland

In Honor of
All who suffer from IBD

I just want to say how thankful I am for my wonderful, supportive husband.
Iam very thankful for this site. It has definitely educated me and calmed my fears.

By Kay and Dan Israelite

In Honor of
University of Chicago Nursing staff, floors 4NE & 5NE

For providing us with complete confidence in the quality of health care received during multiple hospital stays for ulcerative colitis and j-pouch surgery. For providing excellent care by invoking high standards of professionalism, responsiveness and attentiveness...THANK YOU!!!.

By Beth Greene

In Honor of

In Support of and with heartfelt gratitude to all my J-Pouch friends.

By Brenda Toto (Nicky's mom)

In Honor of
Nicholas Toto

I would like to say how proud I am of my 6 year old son, Nicky. He had the J-Pouch surgery about 1 year ago after a short but severe bout of UC. Having seen how brave he has been through this makes me proud of him and makes me appreciate him and love him all the more!

by Laurel Curtis

In Honor of
Cindy Foust

"In my lifetime I have known Heroes"

By Connie McLennon

In Honor of

...and all the children who suffer from IBD.


In Honor of
Our Hero: Aaron

Thanks for all you do! IBD support

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