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Reply by Bubba1028

Oh yes, we have a bidet that we installed in both bathroom toilets in our house! My parents installed on in theirs- bc we visit them...

Reply by Chosen

I’ve been frustrated because my GE’s office has not returned my calls over the last 4 weeks: so I had an MD, a friend who has followed...

Reply by MikeEJ34

Hey! Have you been able to identify a doctor who can remove the prostate? My father was diagnosed a few weeks ago. The cancer hasn’t...

Reply by elk

Yes, mine was laparoscopic too. I really doubt they'd do it rectally but that would be better answered by your surgeon. I'm not familiar...

Reply by Safado

@elk that's great to hear the mesh has been successful for you. I just had mesh put in last week and so far so good. My surgery to put...

Reply by Pouchomarx

does putting the mesh in for a prolapse done through the anus or do they have to open you up?

Reply by elk

I had a mesh put in 2 yrs ago after my pouch twisted 360° for the second time. I don't seem to create enough scar tissue to help hold...

Reply by Scott F

If the diltiazem is too hard to get then nitroglycerin ointment (Rectiv) might help with the anal fissures. Good luck!
Scott F

Reply by tf

Diltiazem 20mg/gm ointment. This is a compound med. Really helped with Fischer's. Other creams less expensive hydrocortisone acetate 1%...

Reply by Scott F

@kk - if you really want to use this stuff my suggestion is to try adding only one thing at a time. Once you’ve given it plenty of time...
Scott F

Reply by kk

Which ones have you used for what and did it help. I used the lemon 2 drops in water. Also the onguard one drop in shot glass of water.

Reply by Scott F

There are plenty of good reasons to try rifaximin (Xifaxan) first, as long as your health program will pay for it. The other thing worth...
Scott F

Reply by Peter F

Jan! So happy to see you again Thank you for such a quick reply - I will have to ask my doctor about Remicade/Imuran. I'm up here in...

Reply by Jan Dollar

Hi Peter! Having a j-pouch is much like anything else in life. It is all great, until it isn’t. I also had a good long run of very good...
Jan Dollar

Reply by twinkie

I've had the same issue occasionally. I've had it extensively chkd out by specialists. It's definitely tied into dehydration AND low...
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