What are your side effects?

Hey gang!

After reading these posts for over a decade, I've learned that our illnesses tend to lead to secondary problems, and I'm curious, what are yours? There are so many other illnesses linked to diseases of the bowel, some have a very obvious links, others, not at all. I find it amazing (and frustrating) just how many problem can be a direct, or indirect result of UC, Crohns, IBD, Diverticulitis, etc. Just for curiosity sake, lets see just how much we have in common. What's your primary GI condition, and what problems have arose from it, it it's treatment?, I'll go first.....

Ulcerative Colitis is my main illness, but have been diagnosed, because of years of prednisone use, with Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and although not a disease, my baldness is a direct result from my treatments (I'm the only bald guy in my family). The not so obvious side effects? I also have high BP, super high tryglecerides, sever chronic anxiety with moderate depression, killer migraines, undiagnosed join and body pain, so bad some days I can barely walk, chronic GI infections, GERD (badically, killer acid reflux, burning my esophagus) and I just can't tolerate so many of the things I use to enjoy, like alcohol, coffee, and anything with fibre.

Most assume we have a tummy ache, and we're just being dramatic, if only it were that simple! I'm sure I'm forgetting something, it's pathetic, because of all these problems I've had surgery (rotator cuff decompression) on both shoulders over the past few years, and take more pills every day then most senior citizens. Our lives many be many things, but simple, they are not, so, what's your problems?, this should be interesting!

Eric Eeker
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Sorry sweetie, we are all royally...well, you know...as far as our health goes...this disease does have a pernicious way of attacking us from all sides...I am battling the worst sacroilitis that I have ever had (and I have suffered my whole life from this)...I do not have a happy joint in my body (neck, back, lower back, knee and now feet! plus the wrists...not a happy camper)...my immune system seems to be suffering a lot too...not sure if it is an off-shoot of the diseases or just dumb luck...then there is cancer (not related but heck, had, fought it, got rid of it, it came back and now lymphoma...)plus the whole girly-problems thing that you fortunately don't have to deal with...and the world's largest galbladder to ever be removed (I do things right!)and a platoon of alergies...
is that it? No, there is still the epilepsy and the...oh, forget it...just listing all of this is getting me down...
If I win the lottery I will dedicate my life to a cure for this...we really deserve one.
Keep up the good fight
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OK, here goes, some of these are related, some not:

UC, enteropathic arthritis with enthesitis, degenerative arthritis, spinal stenosis, pouchitis, cuffitis, rosacea, eczema, tinea corporis, paraganglioma, type 2 diabetes, chronic dry eye, Raynaud's disease, vitamin D deficiency, and obesity

Jan Smiler
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Hi Eric,
I was first diagnosed with Crohns when I was in my early 20's & then the diagnosis was changed to Ulcerative Colitis. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones - I have had no other problems to speak of. - Dixie
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So far the only thing I struggle with is chronic anemia/iron deficiency. I only can hope I don't end up with a laundry list of other stuff! Time will tell.
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UC and now PSC thats all
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It appears I've gotten off lucky, compared to so many of you.

I was dx'd w/ankylosing spondylitis, and had sacroiliitis for years (no pain for a few years now, though, knock on wood). There were other icky off-and-on flu-like symptoms as well.

The only other problem I struggle with is grumpiness when the fistula acts up Wink
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Most related, some not:

Anemia, anxiety, retinal inflammation, dry eye, difficulty gaining weight. I've also had problems with low potassium and low blood pressure, PVCs (diagnosed as benign occasional arrhythmia), and ovarian cysts. And right now I'm being investigated for a bleeding issue nobody has been able to figure out yet.

I am lucky, however, that I seem to have been spared the joint problems that plague others.
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I only have chronic D deficiency.

Sue Big Grin
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Prior to UC diagnosis but I'm sure I had it then as well:

Low thyroid, out of control since j-pouch surgeries end of 2010

UC diagnosis
Fibromyalgia, including pain and fatigue
C-diff infections
Sinus surgery
Sleep Apnea
Restless Legs Syndrome
Low Vitamin D
Neuropathy in both feet
Migraine Headaches
Arthritis in Neck, Lower back & knees
Surgeries & J-Pouch
Chronic Cuffitis
C-diff infections
UTI infections
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
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