Viberzi is such a ripoff!!!!!!!!! It costs way too much. No wonders the dumb redhead on their commercials is so happy while she laughs all the way to the bank

I'm mad as hell now, since I did see here that Viberzi supposedly fights diarrhea which has made my life a living hell thanks to my useless J Pouch.  So I called Humana and discovered they want 100 bucks for Viberzi.   My doctor told me there's no generic equivalent for the time being, which means I'm stuck in miserable, depressing, square one and looking forward to death.  Is there anything that's the equivalent of Viberzi on the market now for less $$$?  I'm not talking about the stuff we know about already such as Immodium which does me no good.

PS if anybody doesn't know who the redhead is who is actually a blonde, see this ;

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Really?! While I could talk for hours about reasons they should go back to disallowing direct marketing of prescription drugs, you can't blame an actress for playing a role in a commercial. Hopefully, your comment is tongue-in-cheek. 

Anyway, Viberzi is for IBS with diarhhea. It is a brand name drug and I would suspect that it is not on the formulary (hence the high copay). If you look at their website, they have a savings program (as long as you are not on Medicare or Medcaid).

Lots of expensive drugs have this. I get my Remicade this way. How will you know if it is worth it unless you try it?


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