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I'm about four and a half months into my j-pouch/ileostomy to k-pouch transition and so far I love my k-pouch more than I could've ever imagined. The degree of freedom I feel is unbelievable and I wouldn't go back to an ileostomy for anything. Except... I have one big problem. I'm a fairly small 22-year-old girl and my ideal body weight is around 118-120 pounds. However, ever since my surgery, I'm about five pounds under that and I'm feeling the effects of being underweight hard. If I even slack on eating for one day, the next day I'm out for the count physically and emotionally. Putting and keeping on weight has been extraordinarily difficult, and I don't want to keep climbing up just to fall back down again. Do any of you have any tips as to how you put weight back on after your surgery, and how to keep yourself there? I need all the help I can get.



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I was put on Ensure after my take down. I am a female and was 97 lbs and I am 5'8". It took me about a year or so to get back to my normal weight of 130-135 lbs. It definitely takes time to start eating normal again and to eat as much as you use to after not being able to eat for so long. It also takes time for your body to heal, any surgery puts your body in a state of shock, it also needs to recover. To heal you need good nutrition too so always make it a point to eat. I liked six small meals/snacks throughout the day. It kept my strength up.

Good luck to you, my goal was always to be able to live my life again....and I am. 

hi--so great to hear the K has been successful and you have adjusted!!  very impressive.  sorry not to get back to you sooner.

as for the weight issue, how about nuts or nut butters?  i find that i can pulverize almonds (180 cal/1/4 cup) and macadamian (220 c/1/4 c), but not peanuts and walnuts for some reason.  you might be different re types of nuts.  I eat a tremendous amount of nuts--say 1/2 c daily--and also am addicted to dark choc, which has little sugar.  if you tolerate diary then cream and cheeses.

can you get your gi doc to recommend a dietitian?  sometimes one needs to pay out of pocket, but might be worth it so that you stay balanced.  a problem is that very few of them know about k pouches.

you didn't mention your height, but more importantly is your BMI normal, even if at the bottom range?  that is an important indicator. 

keep us posted please.  janet

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