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They say Doctors make the worst patients. I tell you what, the Doctors of Doctors make the worst Doctors. An orthopaedic specialist misdiagnosed the Right L5 S1disc sequestration in 1995 as 'just a prolapse.' The damage to my L5 S1 nerve root with anesthesia of my right foot and foot drop was dealt with by a Neurosurgeon. No MRI scan was done. This resulted in a neuropathic ulcer under my right big toe and 19 years of repeated severe septicaemia.  Nobody could cure the ulcer - not even an amputation of the big toe, then the second. Eventually I diagnosed the problem: A sudden rise in blood pressure on effort was damaging the tissues and leading to fulminating infection.  I managed to plead for a beta blocker and after 1 month the ulcer was healed! After 19 years. Soon after the 1st infection I had a total Colectomy and Jpouch after 30 years of uncontrollable UC. After the OP I experienced severe itching over my body. Again in spite of numerous pleas to a variety of specialists, including the Professor of Abdominal Surgery at the London Hospital, no cure as found. Again eventually thinking the whole thing through I diagnosed neuropathic itching  due to severed or damaged autonomic gut plexus. Pregabilin cured it -after 20 years! No surgeon has ever heard of this complication!

The list is endless of errors and ignorance from my medical helpers. I never see the same Doctor twice at the Medical Center. After my pleas to the 5th Doctor I saw to be referred to a Dermatologist at the Hospital for the inflamed bum, I was referred to another GP at a neighboring practice. Only by seeing a Specialist Dermatologist privately was the correct diagnosis made of an extremely rare form of Psoriasis. 

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It's outrageous that your problems went undiagnosed for so long, but great that you were eventually able to figure it out yourself.

My wife is a physician and I've noticed over the last few years that she schedules more appointments with the nurse practitioner at her PCP's office than with the PCP herself.

"Is it because you trust your own judgment more than your doctor's, and the nurse is more deferential to you?" I asked her.

She smiled guiltily but wouldn't admit to anything.

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