Probiotic Intollerance?

Long ago I abandoned VSL 3, partly due to cost and lack of definitive recommended dosing, but primarily due to gas and bloating. That was the last thing I needed! 

I’ve since learned gas/bloating isn’t uncommon, why it happens and that it improves with time. 

I’ve been taking a different probiotic for about 6 weeks, building the quantity and dealing with the discomfort. It’s been pretty miserable at times, but mostly subsided now. 

At this point the days are good, but by night time I’m feeling bloat/gas/running to the bathroom and some times incredibly sore with pain radiating so it’s hard to sit. By morning it’s like nothing happened. 

I don’t know if it’s the probiotics but I’m testing it out by taking the night time dose before dinner now and not on the recommended empty stomach. It seems to help but I’m still “off.” Today I’m not taking them at all to see if I notice a difference. 

Another thing is I subsequently learned of the two formulations offered, I unwittingly chose the one not recommended if you’re prone to diarrhea. The other choice was not recommended if prone to constipation, but it didn’t seem as potent so I chose the first option. 

I’m wondering if others have had similar experiences. I’m trying to duke it out, but some nights I’m climbing the walls with it. I start wondering if it’s pouchitis, etc.....Waiting on test results to sort all that out, though diet changes have largely eliminated symptoms .....but this limited window of nightly discomfort when I feel well otherwise makes me question the probiotics as the culprit. 

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Probiotics are mostly a scam.  They don't reach the gut to do any good, rather they are just melted by the stomach acid.  The ones that have a protective carrier mechanism cab reach the gut, but having a j pouch means it doesn't stay there long enough to thrive.  There's only 1 product that has been proved effective for jpouch and that is VSL 3.


The are other probiotics that *may* benefit.  I take symprove because it's liquid form so already active when swallowed and doesn't need to be activated like freeze dried (it's also had clinical studies to prove effectiveness, but not with jpouch), another one people rave about is align... No experience with that one though.  


If you not taking one of the big 3, you are probably wasting your money imho. 


Fwiw I have never had gas from symprove.  Previously I took biokult for like 5 years, with hindsight that was money wasted.

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