Prep for lower GI

Most facilities give out “one size fits all” instructions and it’s on you to communicate with your Doctor’s office to tailor the instructions so as to be suitable for a J Pouch. To answer your question- yes it sounds excessive, I was directed to do a half of one bottle and a Fleet enema.

 On the other hand having sat sober in a recovery room you wouldn’t believe the number of patients that cheat on these instructions resulting in bad tests and being ordered to retest because they were not clear. I have personally overheard patients being spoken to in the very busy Yale scope recovery room about this....

If you do the two bottles, I suggest stocking up on some reading materials and books in your toilet. Put a toilet stand near the commode with books on it. I would suggest War and Peace by Tolstoy- could be a good opportunity to catch up on reading some of the classics!

Yes same with me- liquid diet after lunch day before nothing and after Midnight. That and the other things I mentioned above should produce a clear Pouch for the test. 

LaurieF there should be no need to do anything until lunchtime the day before. Sounds like you are prepping for a colonoscopy without a colon to examine. As I already mentioned most facilities have “one size fits all” generic instructions which may not necessarily apply to those without colons. The burden of communication rests on the J Pouch patient to ensure that the prescribed treatment fits.


I think overprep can irritate and aggravate the Pouch but it likely wouldn’t do any lasting damage to it. But it will make you sit on toilet for a while which is why you really should stock up on the reading materials on your toilet reading stand.

Absence of pain for a few days is not a valid reason to cancel or postpone a test. You can have a lot of inflammation with no pain and no inflammation with lots of pain. The concern is inflammation and pain isn’t the definitive indicator. Colon cancer wouldn’t be the third leading cause of death in the USA if every person was alerted to the start of its existence by pain. Pouch cancers are rare but we all should be proactive on scopes when there are any warning signs at all.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I am going to keep the apppt. I had cramping last night amd almost glad i did cuz I was gonna reschedule amd I really want this over with. And just want to find the cause. And take care of that too. If it is a blockage type thing caused by scar tissue will the barium(.?) enema show it.

So there is a significant narrowing of the intestine just a little above the pouch. Doesnt sond as easy as i hoped. He is a little concerned to do a resection surgery cuz the pouch is so close. Bringin in another doc to my appt to see about stints. But he called that “thinking outside the box”. 

Kind of a shift in the thread but i just read this in a link about strictures.  Naproxin/Aleve as a possible cause of stricture is what jumped out at me since I was taking a lot of Aleve this past year.  Anybody have any thoughts about this?

“Causes of stricture include Crohn’s dis- ease, cuffitis, ischemia (impaired blood flow), abscess (infection), and non-ster- oidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use, such as ibuprofen (Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve)”

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