Packing for K-Pouch Surgery

Its Not About Me posted:

I always ask for an egg crate foam liner when I go in the hospital. Those plastic covered mattresses are the worst!  You want comfort while your healing, ask for one right away when you get admitted!

The liner goes on top of the mattress?

Ear plugs, throat spray, an electric toothbrush, a comfortable pillow, fuzzy socks, flip-flops that do not slip for the shower to avoid getting ucky foot fungus...

Your favorite music and magazines, face & hand cream and something that smells sweet.

Good luck


Thanks for the suggestions. I had surgery a couple weeks ago. It has been really tough as everyone said it would be. I stayed in the hospital 2 weeks - sometimes regretting my decision to have this surgery. I was discharged last night and I’m staying at an Air BnB for a week until my follow-up appointment. I’m still having moments of regret because I’m home sick and I’m overwhelmed by all this new stuff I need to do on my own now. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to drink enough liquids to keep from hurting so badly.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I packed way more than I needed. The medical staff at UH Cleveland was so amazing so most of my needs were taken care of. I miss them already...

Long sleeved undershirt to wear under your hospital gown because it can get cold at night and hospital blankets are flimsy and lightweight. Socks to wear in bed. Washable slippers for walking around the room and hallways, and put into the laundry when you get home. Leakproof water bottle to keep hydrated.


I know that it can be scary and overwhelming but take it 1 hour at a time...there will be great ones and terrifying ones...but as time goes by the days will slip past and you will see patterns developing...foods that your pouch likes and others that you need to put on the shelf for a few months and then try again.

Since it is winter I would suggest eating lots of soups, the advantage is that you eat and hydrate at the same time and they are usually pouch-friendly.

Avoid fibers, beans, peas, corn and anything tiny that has can get stuck and cause misery in the beginning. Save that for later.

Fruit smoothies are good too, they fill you up, taste yummy and are easy to find these days, ditto for carrot and other vegetable juices.

I assume that the catheter is still in and that you have a leg bag for the moment (at least that is how it used to be) so you need to chew, chew, chew and avoid chunky stuff and stuff that can block the tube.

Eat lots of proteins, chicken, fish and white meats. Again chew well.

Do not drink carbonated drinks, eat cabbage or apple skins.

Hang in there, soon you too will be and expert.



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