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Since creation of my J-pouch in 2012 my output has been mainly liquid and has resulted in my regularly having to go to hospital for IV fluids.    Nothing slowed my bowel down, not even my Fentanyl patches and oxynorm I am on for associated arthritic pain.


My pain specialist prescribed my Nortriptyline to help with the pain and it has had the positive side effect of thickening my output to porridge consistency and I have not been dehydrated since.   I take 30mg per day.


Just thought this might be of interest to anyone with a fast throughput.



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Yes, in higher does it is used as an antidepressant.  However at doses up to 30mg it is used to treat neuropathic pain.  Whilst it has not got rid of my pain, it has allowed me to reduce my Fentanyl dose by 25 micrograms/hour an alleviate some of the side effects it gives me. 


Hi @KiwiPoucher!

Are you still on 30mg of Nortriptyline? Is it still effective? I recently started on 10mg and I'm starting to go up to 20mg this week. So far it has been helping me get better sleep, but I hope that the higher dose will lead to thicker stool and less urgency/incontinence. Do you take anything else that helps with the liquidy stool? Thanks!!


My husband uses this after a brain injury to help with pain associated with TBI.  They stopped making 25mg and he had change amounts. Do note that if it doesn't work for you you need to ween off of it.  My husband had a slight change of 25 to 20 and went through withdrawal and had anger management issues.  He ended up going up to help alleviate the the withdrawals

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