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Does anyone know of steps I can take to naturally control chronic diarrhea? I am currently taking two levbids and 2 lomotils a day and still going 6 times a day. I am looking to trying to have a baby but dr said I would need to discontinue use of these drugs. And quite honestly the meds have ruined my hair and skin. :-( any suggestions?
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I don't think there are natural substitutes for lomotil and levibid. Natural things will only bulk and thicken the stool, not slow your gut. But maybe that is all you need? But if you are on an antispasmodic, you likely have IPS. If you're lucky, pregnancy hormones might make that simmer down.

How about trying Imodium? It is safe during pregnancy.

Jan Smiler
This will sound too simple, but a friend made me gluten-free oatmeal cookies about a month ago, and I've been having 1-2 after meals and have been doing even better than ever. Don't know if there's a correlation with the cookies, but if you're interested in trying them, here's the recipe: I intend to quit eating them for a week or 2 and see how things go.

I suspect the oatmeal in them help thicken/slow things down.
Thnks Scott. Yea I could take whole package of Imodium and it wouldn't phase me. Go figure. Lomotil does work but I am wanting to get away from all the prescriptions. So far last two days of trying the pectin and being careful on what I eat have been doing ok. :-) hopefully it'll continue!

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