IVF with Jpouch...is there any success?

My husband I are planning to undergo the IVF procedure, we have been trying naturally and no success. I went to take blood tests and an ultrasound yesterday, the technician did not see my right ovaries, so she called the Dr. in and he also didn’t see my right ovaries…So now I have to go back and run some more tests + speak to my Dr. about the blood works. I had the jpouch for about 19 years now, and had ultrasounds before and both ovaries have been seen. I would like to know if anyone has been in this same situation, how did you deal and is there still hope for IVF. I am very frustrated, worried and stressed about this. Please someone give me some insight, I know it may be a lomng road for me, I am 35 years old and my eggs aren’t getting any younger.
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I have a perm ileo after failed j-pouch. I did IVF three times - one fresh cycle which resulted in my son who is now 7 (conceived when I was 34) a frozen cycle from which I got pregnant but miscarried, and a fresh cycle that resulted in my daughter who is almost 5. So yes, there is hope.

The best thing you can do is find a dr whom you trust completely. Then try to find ways to reduce your stress over it - I won't say don't get stressed because its a stressful process. But, make sure you are good to yourself. Go out to dinner with your husband, see every movie you can, take long walks, whatever it is that you enjoy. Do things that remind you that there is more in your life than just the IVF process.

Then hope, pray, do a baby dance, whatever you believe in to think positively and bring yourself good energy.
Hi there. I wanted to share my success story. After jpouch surgeries in 2008, at 39 years old (!) I am now 6 months pregnant and feeling great! We did one round of IVF, with one embryo and tada! I think that you should definitely talk to a fertility specialist. If you are a good candidate for IVF, there is no real downside in trying! It is a long, hard process, but look at me - I beat all the odds : )
I have gotten pregnant, I'm 8 months now on IVF. I wouldn't of tried IVF if I didn't have to worry about giving my child FAP. There was no reason why I couldn't of gotten pregnant without IVF. I had a hydrosalphinx on one of my ovaries, but it wasn't an issue. Good luck.
When I went in to see my IVF doc, he told me he couldn't find my left ovary. He tried with repositioning, and pressing on my stomach to see if it would show itself but no luck. I decided to go ahead with IVF under the impression that they were just going to collect from one ovary. After I started the IVF meds, my left ovary came out of hiding. They ended up being able to collect from both ovaries and retrieved 47 eggs total. It just goes to show, if they don't see it the first time, it doesn't mean that your ovary won't show itself later. Good luck to you!

@Momaioneil - good luck to you!  Just an update to give you more hope, we had two frozen cycles end in the birth of my sons. One is 3 and the other just turned a year old.  It always helped my spirits stay high when I heard of other success stories, so I hope this helps you. Good luck again and baby dust to you!  

@Momaioneil I had c-sections with both b/c I had read of the risk for bowel incontinence after vaginal birth with a j-pouch and my OB didn't want me to risk it. He cut the incision along the same scar line, then did a transverse incision on the uterus (which is how most c-sections are done).  I did have cholestasis of pregnancy though, which is rare, but I had it with both pregnancies and therefore both boys were born just before 36 weeks. That wasn't because of the pouch, but IVF pregnancies can contribute to it. 

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