I swallowed a peppermint whole! I'm worried!

This is so silly.

I have a j-pouch and I am very careful to chew everything so carefully.

I was eating a peppermint (the hard candy kind)... I just started working on it when I accidentally swallowed it whole. So it is still full size in there somewhere.

No, I'm not kidding. LOL it is kind of funny actually...

I'm seriously worried this thing might get stuck somewhere. Is that ridiculous? Has anyone else swallowed something like this? I have a fear it is going to get stuck somewhere! I'm seriously afraid to eat but I'm really hungry. I keep fearing an obstruction or something.

haha!.... no. Really. I'm worried you guys. Help! I can feel this thing wedged somewhere in my chest, and it's been taking its darn time getting down there.
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Have a hot cup of tea, coffee or water. What you swallowed is mostly sugar and should dissolve even if you do nothing. Some of my vitamins are huge and sometimes seem to get stuck on the way down. Not comfortable but drinking water usually takes care of moving it. You should be fine.
Deep breath. How long ago did this happen?
I've done similar stuff before, and have had more than one panic attack because of it. The best was when I swallowed a fish bone and convinced myself that it would preforate my intestines/pouch. Everything is and always was for me fine. If you are really nervous, stick to a liquid diet. The worst thing you could do right now is not take in nourishment! Have some broth or soup with not much stuff in it (mrs. Grass, lipton, Campbells). Stay hydrated and try to stay calm (I know, easier said than done) Smiler

I just took a xifaxin in prep for my takedown tomorrow and was thinking the same thing. It's such a big pill. As I took it I was thinking how is this going to go through? Since I have my ileo will it dissolve before it gets there? I have to take another tonight..
Not to worry at all! Most likely the peppermint has already dissolved. As others have suggested, drink warm liquids if you are concerned. In fact, if you're going to get a blockage, it's far more likely that everyday things you might eat, such as carrots or corn or any raw veg, would result in a blockage 99.999 times out of 100 rather than a hard candy would. Smiler
Ditto what everyone else has said. Hard candies dissolve. Remember, your stomach is filled with hydrochloric acid!

I've even eaten raw veggies without chewing very well (sometimes I wolf things down without thinking) and have had no problems. When I've had partial obstructions, it was with no rhyme or reason compared to what I have eaten, but just due to a twist or kink in my gut that resolves as fast as it happens.

I know we'd like to think we have more control over those things, but we don't.

But, still, don't try to test it by swallowing marbles or coins, OK?

Jan Smiler

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