So it turns out I have a pretty nasty case of hemorrhoids.  Don't get me wrong. I'm glad it's hemorrhoids and not something more sinister like a fissure or cuffitis, but otherwise it's been pretty unpleasant. I'm obviously using the ointment, wipes and soaks and doing all the things as prescribed, the issue is that due to the frequency of my bms (6 - 8 a day) my behind isn't getting the "downtime" it needs for the inflammation to subside.   BMs have been excruciating.

Just wondering  if anyone has any good tips for dealing with hemorrhoids?

ETA - I'm not super keen to take bowel slowers regularly as I've had a number of partial obstructions due to adhesions and would prefer to avoid bunging things up.

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Yeah, I think there is some misconception about that.  For some reason I used to think the same thing, until my second GI confirmed years ago that we can indeed get them. Hemorrhoids are basically swollen blood vessels in the rectum and anus, so there really isn't any reason we couldn't get them. We still have blood vessels there, after all. I suppose in theory, your propensity toward them could be due to how much of the original rectal cuff you retain. Beyond that, I admit I really don't know very much about how they otherwise manifest with a j-pouch vs colon. All I do know is, right now I definitely have them and it has not been fun. The ointment does help and they settle down for a while, only then to be re-aggravated by another BM. I believe I've had them before too, but this time is definitely the most severe.   I guess I will just keep at it with the treatments I have on hand. If it doesn't improve, though, I'll give my surgeon a ring and see if there isn't something else I could try. 

A bland diet is definitely a good idea though!

Why couldn't we get hemorrhoids AKA? I have had a redo like you with mucosectomy and my GI Dr Shen has never told me that... as a matter of fact when they first hooked me up I had a huge one that took awhile to calm down due to how many times I was going poop. I also thought since I had a mucosectomy that I could not longer get cuffitis with a pouch redo, well my last pouchoscopy with Shen in July I think it was, he stated that visually the pouch looked great but the biopsy showed some cuff inflammation. Shen wont treat what biopsy shows, he would only treat if its visually seen and causing issues.. He stated that even with a redo and mucousectomy, the tissue could still grow back..

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