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Hi everyone,

I had another bowel obstruction.  I've had about 3 hospitalizations in last 9 months.

Each time, I stay in hospital about 2-3 days and it clears after not having any food/liquid and being on pain meds.

The surgeon wants to do a bowel resection because I've had about 6 obstructions over the last 1.5 years.

They say every CT scan shows the same spot that is causing the obstructions(the spot at my anastamosis where the temporary ileostomy was during original 1999 j-pouch surgery).

They say, there is probably a kink or built up scar tissue along that staple line from the original surgery.  They want to cut out that little section and then rejoin the bowel.

Of course, any surgery always risks more scar tissue/adhesions in the future.

I am afraid of another surgery and more problems.

I am thinking of trying Clear Passage to possibly avoid surgery:

I am looking for any advice.  I am stressed about a possible surgery causing more adhesions in the future.

I'm hoping Clear Passage might help the situation.

Do you know anyone or have you had success with a bowel resection actually HELPING things?

It's hard to find any patients with bowel resections who I can talk to...

What do you think??

Thanks for any advice.....


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Hello, Temoty.  Tell your surgeon you are very anxious about the surgery and ask if you can talk with patients who have been through this particular procedure. If your surgeon is suggesting it, he / she likely has performed this surgery. Some surgeon's have a list of patients who are willing to be peer patients, or peer support, to any patient (of that doctor's) considering the surgery. I talked with three peer patients before my big surgery. I was very anxious what my new life would be and I was able to chat with j pouchers and permanent ileo patient. I never met them, it was all done by telephone, and everyone's privacy is protected. The experience was very helpful.

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