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I'm wondering if anyone has developed or noted more of a tendency to develop kidney/urinary stones post surgery. Tom has suffered episodic pain for some time, which seems to be worsening. We are guessing it is either stones or a stricture from a catheter injury after his TD 16 years ago (nurse pulled it out without fully deflating). Because he is embarrassed by this problem (especially since the only urologist he saw years ago suggested an embarrassing/ineffective possible solution), he has not pursued any better answer than taking a painkiller (phenazopyridine) prescribed by his PCP, which  does nothing to treat the cause. Waiting for referral to UCSF urology, wondering if anyone here has any wisdom. 

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Connie, sorry to hear about this, and also the late response. Been off the grid lately. Unfortunately, yes it is more common for j-pouchers (or post colectomy in general) to develop urinary stones. Part of it is due to chronic dehydration. IBD is a factor too, but colectomy is probably the bigger deal. I don’t know if Thomas is a big soda drinker, but that could contribute too. 

Hard to believe that pain meds are their first and best option! 

Labs and and IVP x-ray could help diagnose without invasive exams.

You may find this useful. https://med.virginia.edu/ginut...06/April-2013-PG.pdf


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