Hard intestinal spasms

Im new to the group but not new to FAP or the j-pouch.  I've had my j-pouch for 17 years.  I'm 50 years old.  I recently overcame a serious and almost deadly bout of pancreatitis.  

For about 16 of those 17 years I've had great success with the pouch.  However, after having pancreatitis, I've been experiencing real hard movement spasms in the small intestine but the ability to eliminate completely seems to be more difficult.  I feel I need to "go" and then nothing.  

I don't know if it's related to my recent illness or if it's old age.

Is anyone else having a similar experience? 

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Let me just say this may not be the same.

I've had my pouch removed 2 years ago.

I have severe spasms just above my stoma and below my rib. I just move the wrong way and it freezes me until it let's up.

These may be diaphragm spasms. I don't know. Never talked to anyone about it.

They don't last long. But they are bad but don't affect anything else.

I'm pretty sure mine are just diaphragm spasms.


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