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Hi. I had ulcerative colitis for years and about 11 years got a j-pouch. My father has glaucoma. A year ago, I was sent to a specialist after my routine eye exam was flagged. I was then told to come back in six months, which I just did. My eye pressure keeps going up. I have now been told to come back in three months. I finally asked for literature and started reading about it. I am now upset with myself because I didn't do that a year ago, but I have to move on from here. I see one thing that is mentioned is not to lift weights due to straining. 


I do NOT lift weights but I strain almost every single day, in fact multiple times to empty the j-pouch. I am now very very concerned about this. I am trying to reach the doctor to talk to him about it but they are a huge office and so far, he has not had a chance to call me back.


I am also trying to figure out how not to strain. It's complicated. I try and release as much waste as I can when I am home, so I can then shower and stay clean for some time. If I don't do that, I tend to get lots of irritation in the anus area, which is it's own devil. Also, I am very active and out and about so I try and make it so I am not running to the bathroom as much when I am out and about. So, I am sure  I over strain.


My questions are:


Has anyone else found a link with straining and glaucoma and UC or chrons? (I mention chrons because there was talk that I had that too, although I try not to worry about it/think about it cause I have a J pouch! And it might have just been the result of one test done one of the many times I was hospitalized many years ago. )


And, what suggestions might some of you have on avoiding straining? But emptying? 


I could go on and on about various foods and what happens or doesn't happen when I eat them, but that's not the focus at the moment. I have also found that sometimes certain foods do one thing but other times they don't.

Thanks in advance for any and all answers/help/suggestions and feedback.


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Drink lots of water to keep your stool on the thinner side.  Look into buying a Squatty Potty.  Both my son and husband have a jpouch.

I don't have jpouch but I have Glaucoma and it is very genetic. My father, brother and sister have it too.


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