Flagyl during 1st Trimester

I'm 7 weeks 5 days pregnant and my BMs are very watery. My GI said no Flagyl until 2nd trimester, but my OB said Flagyl is ok during pregnancy now. Anyone taken a few Flagyl during the first trimester?

As a little back story, my j pouch is a year and half old and I have never had fully formed stools. Always watery. Tried fiber, probiotics, different foods, ect. Only thing I can find that helps is Flagyl. Only take it at night, usually 500mg for a couple nights and then I am good to go for a couple weeks. I was thinking 250mg for a night to see if it helps.

Just had a scope of pouch in September due to low potassium. GI said possibly pouchitis and to take Flagyl to clear it up, which I did. It seems to always come back, or maybe it's not pouchitis at all. Maybe it's just my pouch since it's been like this since day 1.

On a happier note, I got pregnant naturally after trying for a year even with a blocked right tube!!!

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With my first two pregnancies, my GI and my OB chatted and agreed that it's not good to take (Cipro and Flagyl) until 2nd and preferably 3rd trimester. I took it in my last trimester with my first and once in my 2nd trimester and once in my 3rd trimester with my second.

I do find eating a low residue diet and staying away from deep fried things, chocolate and dairy helps so much! (I'm currently 16 weeks with my 3rd and am making due without taking antibiotics....but the pouchitis still looms here and there and is not taken care of by diet alone. 

That said, for this pregnancy my GI referred me to a FRAME specialist who basically reads up in every study of the medications in question and tells you the risks of them to a fetus. This enables me as the patient to decide if taking the medication is worth the risk for my baby. 

Keep in mind that feeling better allows your body to absorb more nutrients so sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons.

If memory serves me correctly, the only thing she could find as a risk for Flagyl was that long ago there was a study where some babies were born with cleft palates. This was not found in all of the studies. This would have also been on women using Flagyl, then found out that they were pregnant so it would be used VERY early in pregnancy. I'm sorry I don't remember more details if the article but I'm sure you can look it up. 

Im so happy that you were able to conceive! We tried for a year for our first as well and my second and third came soon after (they are 18 months and will be 20 months apart) and my GI is astounded that each time I come for an appointment I'm pregnant again! It's such a blessing. When I had my surgery 10 years ago, I specifically asked my GI at the time if I would have any issue getting pregnant and he said, no issues....it will just take twice as long as the average person. My current HI tells me that we only have a 1 in 4 chance of ever conceiving....that's crazy! I certainly hope more women will be blessed as we've been! Take care!

In my first two pregnancies I took flagyl almost weekly.  Both of those girls are completely healthy! I’m now pregnant (7weeka) with my 3rd and waiting to see a new GI (we moved) to see what options I have. The pouchitis (mostly watery stool and night leakage) is much worse now and flagyl stopped working 3 months ago. 

I hope you found an answer! Imodium has been my best friend for the last month and seems to help and keep a going. 

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