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I think I have got food poisoning off some dodgy chicken. At first for a few days I was going to the toilet lots with mainly clear liquid coming out. Now I am going to the toilet 8=10 times a day but I am getting some mucus every time I go and noticeable blood as well on some times.

I have visited the Doctor yesterday but he had never heard of a J-Pouch so says that I should wait and see if it clears up. I m though concerned as this has gone on for a week now. Has anybody had any similar experiences?

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It doesn't surprise me that it's taking a while for you to recover. If you have any signs of infection (e.g. Fever, chills) or if you start to get worse then it might be appropriate to run tests to try to identify it. It would be best to find a more knowledgeable doctor for next time you need one.

In the past I had food poisoning and it took me a while to recover normal bowel function. A short course of antibiotics may be in order, so I would consult someone with actual J Pouch expertise about it. As mentioned by prior posters, taking lots of fluids is very, very important both to stay hydrated and flush the toxins out of your system. And to plain feel good as dehydration will make you feel like crap. You should be peeing frequently and have a clear urine, and if not take your fluid intake up more than a few notches.

In most cases of food poisoning, without evidence of persistent infection, antibiotics are worthless. Most causes clear up on their own, and the others should usually be treated with a specific rather than a random antibiotic. This is different from "traveler's diarrhea," which may well be worth treating. Xifaxan (if you can afford it) can be used to treat traveler's diarrhea.

Agree with Scott, would try let it run its course. I got campylobacter last year and it really lasted a while... but gastro said not much point / evidence for antibiotics. I wanted to avoid them anyway. It cleared up by itself with a gentle diet and lots of hydration.

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