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Hello, folks,

Prior to my jpouch surgery I never had a cold or flu last much more than a day or two. Even working in a retail environment. Since having the jpouch done and returning to work I have been sick 3 times(in as many months) and this time, I have now been sick with a sinus infection for nearly five days.  It is my understanding that a huge portion of a humans immune system resides in the large intestine, so is that why I seem to be more susceptible to bacteria now? I try to use hand sanitizer and wash my hands frequently, along with trying to remember to not touch my face, but I'm certain I do it without even realizing it. In any event just curious if anyone else ran into this and if there were any remedies you found to be helpful. Thanks!

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I've had my J pouch for 3 years and during that time I've never experienced any cold or flu like symptoms.

Prior to my J pouch, I had a ilestomy for roughly 9 years and I can remember suffering from colds quite a few times but not to an extent that I believed such symptoms was out of the ordinary or a result of the removal of my colon.

I don't use hand sanitisers, I only wash my hands in the morning, and after the use of the bathroom,, also after stroking the next door neighbours cats and prior to preparing food and eating;

I touch my face, head, hair and other parts of my body without even thinking about it.

I don't do anything out of the ordinary to prevent the spread of germs. 

My pouch is 18 months old. In that time I have not had a cold or flu (I always get an annual flu shot, and have done this for years). I have not been ill since I came home after reversal. I wash my hands (possibly obsessively!!) after taking out the garbage, before and after cooking or eating, toilet duties, and carry gel sanitizer in my purse in case I can't get to soap and hot water, which is the first line of protection. How is your diet? What do you eat? Food, vitamins, minerals, nutrition affect the immune system. 

Apologies, worked 3 straight 10 hour days since posting this and I'm just now seeing your response. Like I said, I try to be vigilant regarding hand washing as well as using the little pocket hand sanitizers, but I'm a manager at Costco so it gets VERY chaotic at times and I'm sure without realizing it I touch my face when my hands are not clean. We touch people's carts, groceries, handle their receipts, money, returns and on and on. It's a breeding ground of gross, lol. I feel like my diet is pretty balanced and that I'm getting everything I need. The only thing I don't do as I know you should with a jpouch is eating a lots of small meals, but I don't want to be (and don't have time to be)running to the bathroom throughout a shift so I will eat several hours before and immediately after. Other than that I'm worried that it could just be the long hours running me down especially when I do several in a row and am only sleeping 5 hours a night. What is odd is that it never used to be a problem, even during flares. Maybe my overactive immune system was helping in that case? Not sure. I suppose I'll try just taking a vitamin C supplement since OJ is one of the few things that gives me issues to consume. Frankly, now that I stop to think of it, because of my aversion to most citric things, I may not in fact be getting all the C I need. Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated!

Does Costco sell something called Ener-C?  They are individual packets of fizzy powder that has boosts of vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals. It's not as good as a whole food or whole fruit, but it's easy to carry the packets and dissolve in your water mug at break time. Get yourself ready for the madness that is Christmas at Costco and a million customers per shift!





I've had my k pouch since 1979...other than the periods of time when I am pouch-sick or surgical I figure that I am chemically healthier than the average person.

Rarely sick from colds or flu or at least less than my family or friends...hubby remarked that this was the 1st year that I had a cold and a gut-bug all in 1 week.

I take public transportation, work with students all day long and do not own hand sanitizer. I am a soap and water girl.

But I do take a lot of supplements. 

A reinforced diet and a healthy lifestyle is your best defence but then again, you might be recently post pouch creation and your body may be still recovering.

Slowly you will find what your body needs and what works...for now, do not get paranoid, just be vigilant and do your best to eat healthily.




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