Best Product?

It's individual.

Get samples now before he gets it.

The hospital will have one brand. And then when you get home you can try others . Every manufacturer will send you a few samples if you ask 

I use a two peice drainage from convetec. Has a velcro closure. 

Just let him heal well first. Then try different products.


When I had my temporary ostomy, the ostomy nurse signed me up with a few companies and they sent me supplies to try. I was most comfortable wearing, and 100% impressed with, Coloplast.  All Coloplast bags are made of a new type of material for ostomy bags, a type of fabric, instead of plastic.  You don't feel like you are wearing a medical appliance, but almost as if you are wearing just another piece of clothing. That is Coloplast's thinking and that's what they produced.  The fabric is soft against your skin, is very strong (you can feel the difference right away) and does not get sticky in humid weather the way plastic ones can.  The plastic bags I sampled would crinkle, balloon, most stuck to my skin if I got hot, some had a felt backing that would catch or snag, and most came with the awkward clip closure, like a hair barrette, which can be seen under clothes depending what you wear.  

Coloplast bags come in different sizes, for different purposes, have built in features specifically for people whose stomas have retracted (like mine did from the start).  They use a strong Velcro double closure for security and comfort -- no plastic clips -- and have a small covered window at the top so you can check on your stoma without opening up the bag. After sampling 4 or 5 different companies, I was only comfortable with Coloplast. It was the look and feel that impressed me the most, I never felt like I was wearing a bag, and I always felt secure wearing them. Good luck to your husband. He might find it helpful if he went to group meetings for ostomates, where he won't feel alone and will learn how to get along mentally and physically with his ostomy, which could become his life saver.

It depends on the position on you abdomen and how much fat/flab you have. For example my abdomen is flabby so I need to wear a concave fitting appliance. I had a 2 piece convatec that fit ok but found a one piece Hollister appliance that works better.

As people are suggesting try out every brand you can. They normally want you to describe what your abdomen looks like after surgery. So I suggest you use what the stoma nurse advises first and then try other brands.  They do vary quite a bit.

I am on medicare and it covers up to 20 per month.

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