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If your B12 level is actually low then an occasional injection would be useful as often as necessary to keep the level up. That can be tested periodically. If your B12 level isn't low then you'd be better served by looking for the real cause of your tiredness. Maybe you have sleep apnea or something else going on.

The only way to know if your B-12 level is low is with a blood test.  Iron and ferritin levels should also be tested periodically.  My levels on all of those were low and I take sublingual B-12 tablets and iron (with vitamin C) daily.  These have kept my levels in the normal range and injections were not needed.  Your doctor can advise you on the best course of action.

Hello, Candicet.  I just want to chime in and say that my doctor takes blood tests every 6 months to test all my levels for everything. This is done around the same time that my surgeon schedules my pouchoscopy so everything and everyone is coordinated.  The bloodwork includes testing B12 levels, D levels, cholesterol, blood sugars (diabetic), etc.  My doctor was surprised to see that my B12 level is so good. Prior to surgery we thought my B12 might need help afterward, but I don't. I have been eating one small egg almost every day since my surgery. I eat the whole egg, cooked sunnyside up with a drop of olive oil. I don't take multivitamins or supplements. I used to take vitamin D but kept forgetting so I stopped. What is your diet like?  

It's good you are eating regular meals and snacks in between. Smoothies are good, and vegetable drinks too. Do you make your own smoothies?  That way you can control the amount of fruit sugar you are eating. Check your yoghurt labels to see the amount of sugar. I learned that a serving of anything should contain under 5 grams of sugar. I try to eat plain Greek yoghurt (no fruit bottoms!) and add flavour with Ceylon cinnamon or a drop of vanilla, frozen blueberries, raspberries. There is sugar in these tiny fruits but is balanced by high fiber content. Is a pressed fruit bar the same as an energy bar? I wish I could have them but the high sugar content sends my blood glucose spiking, then drops to an exhausting and shaky low. At your next physical, is it possible to ask your doctor to do a complete bloodwork and test everything?  The cause behind your tiredness might be a simple fix of adjusting your food and drink, or taking a supplement. I hope it is something very simple. 

Thank you for the advice. I haven't been treated in ten years as I was told I was cured after my operations. Got uviatus a few months ago and got hit with the reality that this is why my stomach eis upset and my body aches. Little stressed that I havnt Jada checkup or treatment in a very long time. But eager to feel better. 


And yes I make my own juices and smoothies. I also try to get in anti inflammatory food in my diet every day. 

Candicet, when you get in to see your specialist about your colitis, ask if he / she also do a blood work up.  If not, then your general practitioner can give you a full physical and bloodwork. Your body is telling you it's time to get a full work up to put your mind at ease or to find out what is causing the body aches and exhaustion. Easier to treat a problem while it is still small or minor. Did someone tell you that you need B12 injections? 

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