Anyone else going through post-takedown blues right now?

I am 38/M, one month out from takedown, seeing slow improvement but still going through the initial period of frustration. I'm wondering if there are any people out there at approximately the same point of the process who might want to chat in private, via email or chat app, mostly just for moral support. Feel free to PM me!

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Sorry you are experiencing this... I think it’s normal to go through stages of grief; if you could call it that. 

I’m 1 month post ileostomy; 2 more surgeries scheduled to repair jpouch and then finally reconnect... I go through days where I’m angry, frustrated, sad and then some days where I’m happy and have the attitude “it’s only temporary, I can get through this”...

When you say take you have an ileostomy or jpouch? With my original jpouch surgery 8 years ago; it did take awhile to adjust after the ileostomy reversal.

we may not be in the same situation but I’m happy to be an ear to vent to! I’m an 36/F in the northeast.


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